Send me your Keto Questions and Hello’s!

Dear Reader,

I am definitely catching up on all emails!! (I’m so behind, sorry). Pardon the hail of posts. It’s been a busy week with my current FREE book release on

A lot of people are asking me a lot of questions on Keto, and I love it. The Ketogenic diet worked for me. If you have one of my Keto Books, and you’re like, WHOA Elijah these percentages are hard to keep up with!

I hear you! Some people, are visual learners. No worries. You don’t have to buy my book to learn about the Ketogenic diet. I’m love helping people. If you haven’t noticed by the myriad of book types that I publish, I really love everyone, no matter who you are! I just love creating books for everyone.

That said, I’m going to go ahead and attach one of graphs below here. Send me more questions. and I will make sure to follow up in the next few posts with answers! Oh yea, and it’s totally free. No catch. If you want to get more exclusive content, and free books…go ahead and follow my blog.

So cool, here is the percentage graph below. Send me your questions, your thoughts, your favorite color…wait, what?? Hahaha, head over to the contact page, and send me your questions. It’s so easy to find, since I literally have three pages. Oh yea, you already know it, I keep it simple!! 🙂

reginutekrymcev (7)

Thank you,

Elijah Powell



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