Sneak Peek of, “How To Pick a Preschool”


Enjoying Labor Day weekend? (For those of you that are in the States). If you have some free time on your hands, enjoy a sneak peek into one of my books.

Sneak peek of, “How To Pick A Preschool: Raising A Spirited Child“.

Here is the first page out of my book, “How To Pick A Preschool: Raising A Spirited Child” . Enjoy! …..



It’s that time of year, when your little one begins…..preschool. Right now, you might feel nervous or overwhelmed as you try to read as much as you can about this process. There is a lot of information to take in, philosophies, pricing, ratios, curriculum, and etc. It’s especially difficult when cities and states have so many different programs out there.  

Preschool Programs:

  • Head Start/Other Government-funded programs for low-income families
  • Private Programs (Varying prices)
  • Free/Low Cost classrooms in public schools (sometimes they can be guaranteed or even gained entry by lottery)


All of these preschool programs have different price points. If you have the financial resources, then choosing a preschool won’t be as financially restrictive. However, it can still feel overwhelming and confusing for you in regards to other areas. Such as, accreditation, staff turnover, finding red flags concerning the preschool, and more.


My advice comes from a place of experience, as a former Preschool teacher. I was a Preschool teacher for many years, and I wanted to pull back the curtain on the Business of Preschool. I have worked for a Corporate and Independent preschool. I have worked for an acclaimed posh preschool, and a preschool on the brink of closing. I hope that my insight and experience, will help you pick the best preschool for your child. I can most certainly assure you, that there are many great preschools out there. Many. There is no shortage of great human beings, who genuinely love children.


Alright. Let’s begin!


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