Thank you, You Awesome Person, you! :) !


Dear Reader,

Thank you. Yes, YOU! My current FREE book on Amazon is by far my MOST successful (Awkward Black Girl). I’m just like, whoa, so happy! Thank YOU!!

Which is why I’m extending out a Q&A Keto Blog time for you.

Over a year ago, I never imagined that I would slowly climb my way up. I worked in a school environment that was interesting, (I’m being polite), and from that experience, I decided to follow my dream. Well, lol, I decided to seriously apply my degree. (Go Buckeyes!).

I’m a soft spoken person. A lot of people just rolled their eyes. I’m not a Best Seller. I don’t own a yacht or a moped. Or even a bicycle (lol, the latter is by choice, I don’t even know if I remember how to ride one!). I AM happy to share what I know with you. I am so happy to create characters that mirror my friends, my readers. I just wanted to say thank you.

I just wanted to say, Thank you. Thank you for supporting a self-published author like me. 

Oh, and Happy Thursday!

Thank you,

Elijah Powell



Is it September yet?

To celebrate this lovely Fall season, I will be releasing a FREE book for 5 days. It’s down to TWO Books! How To Lose Belly Fat vs. Brown Girl’s ABC.

Shoot me message on the contact page of my blog, on what Ebook I should release for FREE! If I pick your input, I will send YOU a free printed book of that Ebook!! Input your info below and check out my Amazon Author page to preview the current books that I now have out exclusively on ( Choose any on the list. I do have erotica books, that you will have to apply filters to view on search box. 🙂 Happy Picking!