The winner is…. (drumroll please)

Dear Reader,

Brown Girl’s ABC! I will release on September 1st, this book for free, for 5 days! I just want to thank everyone for supporting me. I will, of course, do this fun voting again in a few weeks. You can still vote for October’s release. Click Here to see a few of my books on (I currently have 30) that you can pick from. You may need to adjust your filter search, to view any erotica books.

Thank you again,

Elijah Powell 🙂



Is it September yet?

To celebrate this lovely Fall season, I will be releasing a FREE book for 5 days. It’s down to TWO Books! How To Lose Belly Fat vs. Brown Girl’s ABC.

Shoot me message on the contact page of my blog, on what Ebook I should release for FREE! If I pick your input, I will send YOU a free printed book of that Ebook!! Input your info below and check out my Amazon Author page to preview the current books that I now have out exclusively on ( Choose any on the list. I do have erotica books, that you will have to apply filters to view on search box. 🙂 Happy Picking!


Shook is Available now on


Tina returns to Atlanta, only to find that there are a string of murders and disappearances, including her close friend, Jackie. To solve the mystery, Tina must face her own fears in Georgia. There is more than Southern Hospitality that has taken root in Atlanta, there is a creeping evil that only She can defeat.